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 "Man had grown deaf to the music of God's voice, blind to the beauty of His face, slow- hearted to the pleading of His presence. His hand was touching us but we didn't feel it. So He came in a new way, in a very homely close- up way and walked down our street into our own doors that we might be caught by the beauty of His face, and thrilled by the music of His voice, and thralled by the spell of His presence. "


Quiet Talks on John's Gospel

Gordon, S. D. (Samuel Dickey)

Quote by Manning - Music by Andrews

So Why? You Ask...

I also wonder why.  

But many years ago, before the wide spread use of social media, I started this website to connect with family and friends, just to let them see what was going on in my world.   Then it morphed in promoting bands I was involved in or with.  Now days, I just hope you will read and ponder some of the quotes I post - listen to the music - watch the videos - and hopefully get a laugh (either at me or with me) - or find an insight - something to make your day better.

And remember, in the end - Love Wins!

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